A TerpSys Success Story

Improving Environmental Compliance

Carroll Fuel needed a new Environmental Compliance Portal application to:
  • Meet new state data collection regulations
  • Improve user experience
  • Simplify inventory management
  • Increase completion rates and data accuracy
  • Improve oversight of the system
Carroll Fuel

TerpSys helped Carroll Fuel by building a custom Microsoft .NET application to meet these needs, which included:
  • User login authorization to verify access to the system
  • Data entry for users with various permission levels
  • Site reporting to view daily/monthly site statistics and computed net loss or gain
  • Alerts feature to review system generated exceptions, capture Carroll Fuel staff feedback, and email users
  • Administration center to create/manage users and inventory
  • Database audit trail to track changes to the database

Bethesda Cares
Power BI

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